Tetrobreath Europe

Tetrobreath Europe

Since 1994 Tetrobreath Int’l has been doing pioneering work in the field of bad breath and taste disorders.

Tetrobreath products are now being sold worldwide, in about every country.

Tetrobreath Int’l continues to invest in scientific research, looking for the causes and treatment of halitosis (bad breath) – the treatment of halitosis is its sole aim and activity.

Traditional toothpaste brands have tried to copy our formulae and produce a cheaper product. These products are not comparable, not with respect to result, nor to safety.

The active ingredients of Tetrobreath cannot be duplicated (copied), since they are protected by a worldwide patent.

Other producers often use instable and even non-effective ingredients. Therefore, it is important to test your breath if you want to be sure about the result.

Tetrobreath is effective, safe and easy to use, it is the solution to bad breath.

Tetrobreath: the ultimate answer of science to bad breath